Cllr Malcolm Ferguson (Chairman)

Cllr Malcolm Ferguson (Chairman)


Malcolm has been a Parish Councillor since March 2000 and Chairman since June 2001.

The Chairman is elected annually at the Councils AGM's which are normally held in May.

His main role is to preside over the Council's monthly meetings, ensuring that good order is maintained and that the law of the land together with the Councils own 'rules' (Standing Orders) are observed. In the event of a split decision within the Council the Chairman has a second casting vote to ensure that a majority decision is reached on all voting matters.

Once a year at the Parishes Annual June meeting the Chairman give a brief report to summarise the main strategic events that have occurred in the previous twelve months.

During his 20 years in office Malcolm has seen many improvements in both the community as a whole and in the level of service provided by the Council for the benefit of the Parish.